What to Expect When Working as a Commercial Cleaner

Cleaning is a suitable career choice for many, offering flexible work and the chance to work both individually and as part of a team. As more and more cleaning companies begin to focus their efforts on commercial contracts, now more than ever these companies are looking for motivated staff to help them provide a top-class cleaning service. While most people are familiar with the traditional notion of being a private, domestic cleaner, commercial cleaning often gives cleaning professionals more flexibility and versatility in their everyday work, with highly specialised cleaning jobs available. Here, the Premium Cleaning team will go through a few different commercial cleaning types and the different benefits they offer.


Retail Cleaning

Retail cleaning is, as predicted, the cleaning of retail spaces. This can range from small shops all the way up to large shopping centres with multiple stories. Unlike domestic cleaning services, being a retail cleaner usually involves working within a team to carry out all cleaning duties for the day. Retail cleaners ensure cleanliness and general tidiness in retail spaces while also cleaning and regularly checking washrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. In some jobs, retail cleaners will also specialise in multi storey cleaning, including car park cleaning. When it comes to commercial cleaning jobs, retail cleaning is a team-based and fast-paced form of commercial cleaning that generally operates during the opening hours of the shop or centre that you are placed in.

Office Cleaning

Quite unlike retail cleaning, office cleaning is a quieter type of cleaning job, albeit no less important. Unless you’re working in a large office with many floors, office cleaning is generally completed by one individual on a once-off or contractual basis. While cleaners will take care of the overall cleanliness of the office area, they are often expected to clean bathrooms, washrooms, and canteen facilities, too. Alongside this, specialist cleaning services are required in order to safely clean and sanitise IT equipment including computers, keyboards, screens, and more. Many office cleaners work early in the morning or late in the evening to complete cleaning tasks while the office is empty, so as not to disrupt the workers that are in the office.

Hospital Cleaning

Hospital cleaners play a vital role in maintaining the overall health and safety of hospitals, ensuring that patients are kept protected from preventable bacteria, dirt, and disease that could lurk on hospital surfaces. As expected, hospital cleaning is quite a specialised job that requires training due to the threat of biohazards that this job entails. Similar to almost all other cleaning jobs, hospital cleaners are expected to keep the overall space clean and tidy but also have the responsibility of ensuring the hospital is kept sanitary and disinfected where needed. Hospital cleaners will often work in a team, with different teams specialising in cleaning different areas of the hospital, such as hallways, waiting areas, wards, canteens, etc. This can be quite a high-pressure job with shift work to be expected. This being said, however, many hospital cleaners work on long contracts, receive great benefits, and report making fulfilling connections with their fellow staff members and patients.

Landscape Cleaning

For many cleaning professionals, the thought of being inside all day simply does not appeal to them. That’s where landscape cleaning comes in. Landscape cleaning refers to the cleaning of outdoor space and includes litter-picking, hedge trimming, tree pruning, planting, and more. Simply put, landscape cleaners make the outdoors look appealing, neat, and tidy. Landscape cleaners can work as a team or as individuals and are often hired on both once-off and contractual jobs. The scope of versatility within the landscape cleaning industry is huge. Many landscape cleaners work with public bodies such as councils to tidy local towns and villages, while others are hired by private residences to keep gardens looking great. If you enjoy manual work, gardening, and time spent outdoors, landscape cleaning is the perfect professional match.


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