Premium Cleaning Services

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Premium Cleaning Services

Contact us to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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We all rely on the services of the public and private sectors, but who do they rely on to provide them with their essential services? 

At Premium Cleaning we believe that time is precious and that peace of mind is essential in today’s climate. That is why we specialise in providing a full range of services to ensure a high level of Service for your workplace. Premium Cleaning specialises in Facility Services, Property Support Services and our core service Contract Cleaning. From office cleaning to school cleaning, shopping centre cleaning, and even landscaping tidy-ups, we do it all for your company. 

Our simple company ethos - Quality, Service and Value, means we continue to grow and attract both clients and employees who appreciate that consistent high quality cleaning is a foundation to modern establishments.

We at Premium Cleaning are dedicated to our services so that you remain dedicated to your core objectives. Get in touch to book a Commercial cleaning service today 

Premium Cleaning Services & Facilities are run by a dedicated, highly experienced management team. Contact us to discuss your cleaning requirements.

Why Choose Premium Cleaning?


We pride ourselves on offering superior quality home and business cleaning services ranging from general scheduled cleaning to large-scale clear-outs and deep cleaning.


Here at Premium Cleaning, customer service is our passion. We offer unparalleled customer service, providing high-quality Dublin cleaning services done by an experienced team that are quick, efficient, professional, and friendly.


Premium Cleaning understands that professional cleaning can be an expensive service, which is why we offer competitive pricing and honest, transparent quotes to ensure that you can avail of our services no matter what your budget.

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Professional Industrial Cleaning Solutions

At Premium Cleaning Services, we know industrial environments are a different breed. That's why we offer expert cleaning solutions tailored to tackle their unique challenges. A clean facility isn't just about aesthetics; it's about safety, efficiency, and running your operation smoothly.

What To Expect When Working As A Commercial Cleaner

The cleaning industry offers just that! You can work independently or collaborate as part of a team.  The demand is growing too!  As cleaning companies focus on commercial contracts, they seek motivated individuals to deliver top-notch service.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Service

A Clean Space Makes a Lasting Impression.  More than just aesthetics, commercial cleaning protects the health, safety, and hygiene of your staff, clients, and visitors. It's an investment in your business's reputation and well-being, just like any other essential service.  Make a smart choice, and choose a professional cleaning team!

Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean, Safe & Sanitary

As offices reopen, keeping your workspace clean and organisation is more critical than ever.  It's not just about hygiene (though a clean environment is healthier).  Studies show that tidy workspaces can boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve employee happiness and organisation.


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